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Welcome to Best Travel Trailers Guide. We have all the information you need to know about the best travel trailers – so you can find the perfect one for you.


Congratulations on your decision to buy a travel trailer! Traveling in a mobile home is fun and exciting. Here’s to great adventures and safe travels!

I know how hard it is to find the travel trailer that’s right for you. There are so many on the market, with different features, sizes, and prices. You can easily get lost in the vast selection of choices.

With this website, I’ve tried to condense the information and give you the best reviews, specs, and recommendations to make that perfect trailer a little easier to find.

5th Wheels and Trailers

There are two basic types of pull trailers: 5th wheels and hitch trailers. Hitch trailers are towed behind your car using, well, a hitch. 5th wheels are for trucks, and they attach to your truck bed using a special hitch. 5th wheels offer more movement control – they’re easier to drive with. They can also offer some extra inside space at the front. A fifth wheel trailer is shown to the right.

Compare Travel Trailer Models

Toy Hauler

The following is a basic comparison chart for a few travel trailer models. To see our entire full comparison chart and a wide range of trailers, go to this page.

To see our entire list of travel trailer brands, click here.

Note: Trailer specs vary by specific floorplan. MSRP also varies greatly depending on floorplan and features.


Travel TrailerTypeMSRPOverall
Jayco Jay Flight
Jayco Jay Flight
Trailer$13,000 - $15,00030'132"
Airstream Classic
Airstream Classic
Keystone Bullet
Keystone Bullet
Trailer$25,000 - $30,00023-28'127"
Coachmen Freedom Express
Coachmen Freedom Express
Toy Hauler, Trailer$25,000 - $30,00031-35'127"-129"
Heartland Road Warrior
Heartland Road Warrior
Fifth Wheel$65,000 - $90,00029-42"152"-159"

How to Choose the Perfect Travel Trailer

With so many options out there, it’s not easy to find the perfect trailer for you. Here are some suggestions to help you in your search for the right one.

How Often Do You Travel?

Your traveling frequency will certainly play a part in what kind of trailer you get. If you’re the type that only travels once or twice a year, for a week or two at a time, you’ll probably want to go with a smaller, less expensive trailer. On the other hand, if you plan on taking month-long vacations in your trailer or want to live in it full-time, you might want to consider a larger, more complete travel trailer or a fifth wheel.

How Much Time Will You Spend in Your Trailer?

This is a large factor as well. If you just want a place to sleep at night, you can get a small, minimalist trailer for very little money. If you have a large family who will spend a lot of time in the trailer traveling, eating, sleeping, and hanging out together, you’ll probably want a much bigger trailer with a lot of space and features.

What Will You Do in Your Trailer?

This goes back to the last point. If you’ll be doing a lot of stuff in your trailer, you’ll want a bigger, higher-end one. If you plan to cook a lot, buy a trailer with a good kitchen feature set. If you have a large family, you’ll want a trailer with lots of beds and sleeping space. On the other hand, if you plan to spend most of your time outside doing stuff, a smaller trailer will be fine for you. Only pay for the features you’ll use.

Where Do You Plan to Stay?

Where you stay is a huge factor in buying a good travel trailer. Campgrounds are a good place, but they can be expensive. Many have a certain size trailer that they can accommodate – make sure ahead of time that your trailer can fit into the space you plan to stay in. If your trailer is a popular size, you should have little problems finding a suitable spot at a campground. Make sure to book your reservations early and make sure your trailer is OK to stay at the campground.

If you want to try to find free places to stay overnight, there are some good ones if you do your research. One of the most popular places is Wal-mart. Wal-mart is known for being friendly to RVers and allowing them to stay overnight with the trucks in their parking lots. Travel trailers are usually okay too, but it’s always recommended that you go in and check with the manager of the particular wal-mart to make sure you’re good – whether you have a motorhome or a travel trailer. Motorhomes have an advantage over travel trailers here, since they look like they could be just parked whereas trailers are obviously camping. However, most trailer travelers have reported success at wal-mart.

There are other free places to stay overnight. You can usually stay for free at rest stops. Also, Flying J offers free overnight parking in their RV spots for RVers. Another note: if you plan to camp in a national park, check the trailer size restrictions. Many don’t let the longer trailers in, so check first.

What Is Your Budget?

Obviously, this is a big factor. A smaller trailer will cost much less than a huge luxury trailer with a lot of extra features. Model year also plays a big factor in price. New trailers cost far more than used ones – a trailer loses a lot of value after someone has lived in it. There’s more info on this below.

How Much Weight Can Your Tow Vehicle Pull?

This is a big consideration, because you don’t want to go over your max towing capacity. Many people use large SUVs or trucks to tow their trailers. The heavier the trailer, the bigger the tow vehicle you’ll need. There are some trailers that are extremely small and light, and can be towed with a small car. Of course, if you want a fifth wheel, you’ll need a truck, as it attaches to the bed. Make sure to check the weight of the trailer you’re looking at, as well as your car’s max tow capacity.

Weight Considerations

When looking for a trailer, a big factor to take into account is the weight. Your vehicle has a specific towing capacity. You don’t want to have a car with a 1000lb. max weight and try to tow a 4000lb. trailer. So you have to consider your vehicle’s towing capacity with the traveling weight of what you’re towing. The bigger and more luxurious the trailer, the more it will weigh.

But don’t stop at the weight of the trailer. You also have to take into account the weight of the furniture and objects inside the trailer. Water and sewage adds extra weight too. Before you buy a trailer, make sure your vehicle will be able to tow the trailer with the extra weight included.


Travel trailers come with all different kinds of features. When buying one, decide which features you want to pay for, and which ones you don’t need. They can get expensive quickly.

Some features you might enjoy would include slide outs for extra space, side tents for relaxing next to your trailer, or a fold-down ramp at the back of the trailer so you can stow an ATV or motorcycle.

Of course, you’ll want to look at the basic indoor features as well. Do you like the cooking features? How about the bathroom? The number of beds and chairs/tables is a factor as well, but you can often customize or replace these.

New vs. Used

If you’ve looked at travel trailers for a while, you’ve certainly come across both new and used ones. The choice is up to you, but I highly recommend buying a good used one. Trailers lose a lot of their value within the first 5 years. If you have a family, getting a used trailer may eliminate a lot of the stress of keeping everything clean in a new one (the carpet’s already stained! ;-). If you make sure to check everything thoroughly before buying, and buy from a reputable dealer, you can save tons of cash.

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