best travel trailer tires

Best Travel Trailer Tires

Using the best tires for your travel trailer is extremely important for your safety. Keeping them in optimal condition should also be a priority. In this article, we’ll cover both: an overview of the 6 best travel trailer tires, and how to keep them in tip-top shape. We get it: deciding which tires to purchase can […]

travel trailer loan rates

Travel Trailer Loan Rates

As you consider getting a new or used travel trailer, you may want to know some typical travel trailer loan rates. In this article, we share some insights you should definitely be aware of as you consider getting your travel trailer. Purchasing a new travel trailer is more than just buying a vehicle; it’s about creating […]

Ultra Light Travel Trailers - Lance

Ultra Light Travel Trailers: Pros, Cons, & 5 Great Brands

If you’ve been researching travel trailers, you know one thing by now: there are a TON of options out there! Before you go any further in your search, one option you might want to look into is ultra light travel trailers. There are plenty of reasons you might want to consider ultra light travel trailers. You may have a vehicle […]

RV consumer reviews

Travel Trailer Consumer Reviews: 5 Places You Can Find Them

Before you buy an RV or travel trailer, you definitely want to check out some RV and travel trailer consumer reviews to see what owning it is really like. There are plenty of good resources out there to connect with other RV owners, but as you probably know, they can be hard to find! We’ve combed through […]

rving and the environment

Going Green in Your RV: Solar Panels, Recycling, & Your Vehicle

In today’s world, going green is an important consideration. We are all aware of the tenuous state of the Earth’s climate, and sustainability is at the forefront of many people’s minds. Thinking about some of the beautiful natural gems in the United States, like Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Canyon, we want to conserve these […]

best time to buy a travel trailer - research

Best Time to Buy A Travel Trailer

What’s the best time to buy a travel trailer? Buying a trailer or RV is a hefty investment, and you should do your due diligence before making a purchase. Similar to buying a car, information is everything. It can be confusing when you set out to buy a travel trailer, whether it’s your first or […]

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

RV Book Recommendations: 5 Essential Books for Your Next Road Trip

Anyone who has taken a road trip knows that after a few hours in the car or RV, there simply isn’t enough music in the known universe to keep you entertained for more than a few hours. Fortunately for you travelers out there, you won’t be forced to stare out the window and wonder how […]

RV Campgrounds

RV Campgrounds: How to Find the Best Ones for You

If you’re taking a camping trip, deciding which RV campgrounds you stay at is a big decision. The types of campgrounds that will suit you best depends largely on what kind of trip you’re taking. Today we will explore the different camping styles out there, and which campsite is the best fit for each of those styles. From […]

Best Travel Trailer Brands: Jayco

Travel Trailer Brands: 2017 Complete List of Manufacturers

If you are looking for a new travel trailer, you might be overwhelmed by all the different brands out there. Today, there are more companies than you can keep track of to make a purchase from. Today’s list of best travel trailer brands should help give you some direction. Note: this is a list of […]

living in a travel trailer on your own land

Living in a Travel Trailer on Your Own Land

If you love getting off the beaten path in your travels, you may bring that tendency back home with you. If you are considering living in a travel trailer on your own land, consult this article before you make that decision. We are fortunate enough to live in one of the freest countries in the world. […]

chalet XL a-frame camper

A-Frame Camper Guide: Reviews, Photos, & Videos

If you are interested in a small travel trailer, we definitely recommend considering an A-frame camper. These small campers are a great option if you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality. A-frame campers (also called A-frame travel trailers) are comfortable to travel in and have a wide range of sizes — ranging from models that […]

Yosemite national park - Best Travel Trailers

RV Destinations: 8 Parks for the Whole Family

It can be tough to plan a trip that the entire family will enjoy, but it’s great to be able to travel with the ones you love. So here are eight different parks that happen to be great RV destinations. Whether you’re bringing your RV, travel trailer, or even just a pop-up camper, these parks […]

The Happier Camper - Best Travel Trailers

Small Travel Trailers: Top 10 Picks for 2017

Let’s face it: a full-size travel trailer or RV is a big commitment. Not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of your tow vehicle, maintenance, and maneuverability. But what about those of us who love to travel but aren’t interested in the huge commitment of a full-size trailer? In this case, small travel trailers […]

Jack Quick 3500 – Specs, Review, and Videos

You’ve just pulled into your camping spot, and it’s time to unhitch your trailer for the night. Many people use a manual crank jack to level their trailer, often one that came with the trailer. These can be difficult to crank, and after a long day of driving, you may not feel like putting a lot of […]


Travel Trailers vs. Fifth Wheels – New Guide

When people are new to the trailer industry and are looking to buy their first trailer, I’ve noticed they usually have similar questions. They want to know the basic differences between types of travel trailers, and what all the different names mean. One question that I get a lot is about the differences between travel […]

Camplite 5.7

Best Truck Campers: 6 Brands (47 Models)

Do you want to go camping, but don’t want a whole travel trailer or fifth wheel? A truck camper might be perfect for you. Truck campers offer many of the features of travel trailers, but you haul them in the back of a pickup truck. If you have a good truck, these small campers offer […]

How To Cook Amazing Food in Your Travel Trailer: 15 Tools and Tips

So you’ve got your new travel trailer. You’ve read all our free material and have found the RV or travel trailer that’s perfect for you. In all likelihood, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new trailer. Maybe you’ll take a vacation with the family for a week in it. Maybe […]

Travel Trailer Buying Tips from Experts

Travel Trailer Buying Tips: 9 Experts Give Their Best Advice

Does buying a travel trailer seem overwhelming? I know it can be. When you first begin looking at trailers, there are so many things to consider! Where do you even start? To answer this question, I asked 9 RV experts for their top three tips for buying a travel trailer. I emailed top RV travel […]

Travel Trailer Brands: The Complete List

Have you ever wondered how many different brands of travel trailers there are? When I was in the market for a new travel trailer, I wanted to know EVERY brand so I could check them all out and choose the best one. But there isn’t any resource online that lists all the common  brands of […]

Used Travel Trailers: Top 6 Places to Find Them

Ready to take that plunge and buy yourself your very own travel trailer? There are basically two choices: new or used. Buying new can give you a state of the art RV, though it’s a luxury that comes with a price – often a price that can cut back on travel. To fully enjoy a […]

Jayco Toy Hauler

Toy Hauler Travel Trailers: Top 8 Brands (42 Models)

Do you want to hit the road in a travel trailer, but bring along a motorcycle too? Toy hauler travel trailers are a specific type of travel trailer built just for that. If you want to bring along your motorcycle, ATV, go-kart, or other small vehicle, a toy hauler is the perfect option for you. How […]

How to Buy A Travel Trailer – 4 Tips

So you want to buy a travel trailer. You’ve finally allowed the open road to call your name and have decided it’s high time that you go out and find the travel trailer of your dreams. Well, we have a few key tips for you that can improve your buying process. Buying a travel trailer […]

10 Must-Have Travel Trailer Accessories

Whether you’ve been dying to hit the road for the first time, you’re a weekend warrior, or you travel all summer long, here are 10 must-have travel trailer accessories that you should consider. Having them along will make life on the open road a bit easier and provide added comfort. With the right accessories, you […]

pop-up Camper

Best Pop-up Campers: 5 Brands and Why You Should Get One

Pop-up campers are becoming increasingly more common these days. They’re more than a tent, but less than a travel trailer. Many people are finding that pop-up campers are the perfect fit for them. They offer several benefits over both tents and travel trailers. What is a pop-up camper? Chances are, you’ve probably seen one of […]

Travel Trailer Rentals: 200 Places to Rent a Trailer in America

Travel trailers are expensive to purchase, and if you don’t travel a lot, renting a trailer is often a great alternative to buying one. Travel trailer rentals are popular, and for good reason. Here are a few of the benefits of renting a trailer: Renting allows you to use the trailer for a small amount […]

Serro Scotty Teardrop Trailer

Best Small Travel Trailers: 5 Great Teardrop Brands

Update: see the new version of this article, with 10 different small travel trailers, here. Small travel trailers have a lot of advantages over their full-size counterparts. While they don’t offer as many amenities as the big ones can, small trailers have their own set of benefits. They’re small and light, meaning you don’t need […]

Travel Trailer Reviews: Top 5 Places to Find Trailer Information

Before you buy a trailer, it’s good to do tons of research to make sure you find one that’s perfect for you. To help you, I’ve compiled five of the best places you can find travel trailer reviews, information, and advice to help you find the right trailer. 5. Trailer Life Trailer Life is actually […]

Want to Travel Full-time? Here Are 5 People Who Do It.

If you want to do anything, it usually helps to study people who are currently successfully doing what you want to do. You can pick up tips and advice, get ideas, be aware of certain challenges, and generally learn from other people who are doing what you want to. Full-time traveling is no different. There […]

Travel Trailer Values: How Much Is My Trailer Worth?

Introduction You’ve gotten a lot of good use out of your travel trailer, but it’s finally time to upgrade to a new one. To help pay for it, you consider selling your old trailer. This is often a great way to get some extra cash towards your new toy, especially if your trailer is in […]

Teardrop Trailers: Review, Pros, and Cons

The teardrop trailer. It’s a category of its own. Can it even be called a travel trailer? I would say yes, because it’s a trailer with a bed and storage in it – a trailer that lets you travel. If you are open to the idea of a very small, light trailer with little room […]

Why Travel Trailers?

Why Travel Trailers?

If you like camping, I highly recommend considering a travel trailer. Travel trailers are becoming more and more popular among campers, and for good reason. They offer many luxuries while camping – you get your own bed, kitchen, bathroom, and any other commodities you’d like. You can easily tow them with an SUV or truck. […]

What Features to Look for in a Travel Trailer Interior

There are two main design elements of every travel trailer: the interior and the exterior. Interior refers to everything inside the trailer, and exterior refers to how the outside is designed. Of course, the outside of the trailer is a very important consideration. But the interior is even more important, because it’s where you’ll be […]

Three Types Of Travel Trailers

Looking for a great travel trailer? The first thing you should know is that there are three main types of trailer. Make sure you understand the differences before you start shopping, so you have an idea of what kind of trailer you want to look for. The three types of trailers are the classic travel […]