Want to Travel Full-time? Here Are 5 People Who Do It.

If you want to do anything, it usually helps to study people who are currently successfully doing what you want to do. You can pick up tips and advice, get ideas, be aware of certain challenges, and generally learn from other people who are doing what you want to. Full-time traveling is no different. There are many successful full-timers out there who blog about their travels. If you’re interested in one day going full-time – whether this month or years from now – it’s a good idea to read their blogs and see what you can learn. You might find some info you hadn’t considered, or some helpful tips that might apply to your situation.

So here are the blogs of 5 different people who travel full-time and write about it. They’re all unique, and have variations in their style of traveling. But they can all teach us a lot about living in an RV full-time.

Jason and Nikki of GoneWithTheWynns.com


Jason and Nikki are freelancers who work full-time on the road, running their blog Gone With the Wynns from their RV. Using their media skills, they create a full-time income providing photography and video services to campgrounds and other travel companies. They work virtually from the comfort of their RV. Their creativity in earning a mobile income allows them to travel wherever they want and still make money. They also make a small income from their blog. In their spare time, they make cool videos and teach other people how to travel full-time on their blog. Jason and Nikki are a great example of a couple who took their skills and adapted them in a creative way to allow them to make money anywhere. This is easier for certain people than others, but almost anyone can take skills they have and figure out a way to earn a mobile income from them. The Wynns are a perfect example of the saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Ray and Anne of LoveYourRV.com


Ray and Anne are full-timers who spend their time out west. In the summer, you can find them on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Their winters are spent in the southern US. Ray used to work as an electrician, and Anna is a photographer. You can look at some of her beautiful photos she’s captured while traveling on her website, AnneMcKinnell.com. They currently run a website designed to help other RV owners: loveyourrv.com. Ray also recently started another site helping RV owners build friendships and learn from each other: RVhappyhour.com. They fund their travels by running their website.

Marianne and Randy of Frugal-RV-Travel.com


Marianne and Randy are another travel blogger couple who’ve been on the road since 1999. At first, they just wanted to travel for a while – but then they realized that the traveling lifestyle was no more expensive than staying at home. They’ve got keeping costs down while traveling down to a science – their last trip cost them less than $1400 per month. Their friends would all ask, “How do they do it?” So Marianne decided to create guides for people who wanted to travel like them. Her boondocking guides are very helpful and enjoy popularity among RVers today. They also have a very helpful website, Frugal-RV-Travel.com. Running the website and selling the guides helps Marianne and Randy afford their trips, which are inexpensive anyway. Marianne actually keeps track of all their expenses and shares them [link] so you can see exactly how possible and affordable this lifestyle can be.

Chris and Cherie of technomadia.com


Chris and Cherie are another full-timing couple who run a blog about their traveling, but with a twist: their blog focuses on traveling with a high-tech lifestyle. They use the term “technomad” in describing their lifestyle. On their blog, they teach us the ins and outs of traveling the high-tech way. What kind of internet coverage is available for RVers, what gadgets are most useful while traveling, and what apps will make your life on the road easier, are just a few of the things you’ll learn reading their blog. If you’re a geek who wants to go full-time, we definitely recommend checking out the Technomadia blog.

Tony and Karen of RollingInARV-WheelChairTraveling.Blogspot.com

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Tony and Karen have been fulltiming since 1993, which is amazing in itself. However, Karen has been in a wheelchair since 1994! Their RV is a custom class C made for wheelchair access. They’ve blogged about their travels since 2010. Their blog has a lot of helpful links and info on full-timing, info on locations and attractions, and where to stay and sleep. They have a lot of experience full-timing, so their blog has a lot to teach you if you’re interested in full-timing as well.

So there you go, 5 families who travel in an RV full-time. Each one has unique backgrounds and experiences that aspiring full-timers can learn from. So if you’re the least bit interested in going full-time in the future, definitely check out these 5 blogs. Even if you don’t plan on full-timing, they have some great stories and info that everybody can learn from. So head on over and check them out!

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