Jack Quick 3500 – Specs, Review, and Videos

Jack Quick 3500 Electric Trailer JackYou’ve just pulled into your camping spot, and it’s time to unhitch your trailer for the night. Many people use a manual crank jack to level their trailer, often one that came with the trailer. These can be difficult to crank, and after a long day of driving, you may not feel like putting a lot of muscle into leveling your trailer. That’s where the Jack Quick 3500 electric trailer jack comes in – it makes leveling your trailer super easy.

Specs + Features

Amazon’s customer reviews seem to love the 3500. It’s strong, able to lift virtually any trailer with an SUV or truck attached. It features a work light, built-in level, and comes with a weather cover. It also comes with a bar so you can manually crank it if you need to.

It’s rated for 3650 lbs, which is more than enough. It’s not lifting the whole trailer, just the tongue. So it should work for trailers with much heavier overall weight, since it’s only lifting the front slightly.

Now, you’ll need to know when your trailer is level. For this, you can use any simple level. Amazon sells many of these for cheap – such as this bestselling one and these for $2.

Here are some quick specs for the Jack Quick 3500:

  • Rated for 3650 lbs.
  • 2.25″ diameter
  • 1 year warranty


Check out The Phoenix Ramblers’ video unboxing, review and setup video of the Jack Quick:

Jack Quick 3500 Setup

For setup, check out the above video, and also this one:

Some of the Amazon reviews also give details on setting up the Jack Quick.


If you own a travel trailer or are planning on buying one, an electric jack is an excellent investment. Cranking a manual jack can be tough, and the Jack Quick makes it so much easier. With a 4.5 star rating and 373 customer reviews, you can’t go wrong with the Jack Quick 3500.

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