best travel trailer tires

Best Travel Trailer Tires

best travel trailer tires - Kumho RADIAL 857

Using the best tires for your travel trailer is extremely important for your safety. Keeping them in optimal condition should also be a priority. In this article, we’ll cover both: an overview of the 6 best travel trailer tires, and how to keep them in tip-top shape.

We get it: deciding which tires to purchase can be overwhelming! There are many things to consider, and there’s a ton of technical information floating around on the Internet that can make the decision even more complicated.

It’s important to always read your RV or travel trailer manual thoroughly, fully understand the recommendations mentioned, and follow the instructions! Seems like an easy thing to do, but people often get excited about special technologies and purchase a specific type of tire without considering the needs and requirements of their travel trailer.

There are actually quite a few factors to consider when starting the search for the perfect tire for your travel trailer.

best travel trailer tires

Before diving into the technical stuff, ask yourself these questions. They’ll help you narrow down your list of options.

  • Budget: What’s my budget? How often am I looking to replace my tires?
  • Made in: Do I care where my tires are made (for example China, USA only, etc.)?
  • Usage: How much use am I expecting to get out of my tires? Will I be using my trailer year-round or seasonally?
  • Warranty: Are there any specific things I want covered in the tire warranty?
  • Required specs: What types of tires/sizes are recommended in my trailer manual? Is my local garage familiar with the type of tires I am about to buy? Have there been any major recalls that I need to be aware of?

Below, we’ve created a list of the best travel trailer tires according to user reviews. Then we’ll break them down by trailer weight, showing you which tires are the best for each weight class of travel trailers. Finally, we’ll have some tips on how to keep your tires in shape for best safety and performance.

One last thing before we get straight to the list! Let me clarify some RV lingo for the folks who are new to the RVing world.

  • ST – Special trailer
  • LT – Light Truck

Best Travel Trailer Tires: The List

Best Budget Tire

best travel trailer tires - Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire

Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radical Trailer Tire

  • Brand – Freestar
  • Model – M-108
  • Item Weight – 24 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 27.1 x 27.1 x 8 inches
  • Item model number – 29865009
  • Rim Diameter – 15 inches
  • Speed Rating – J


Best Chinese-Made Trailer Tire

best travel trailer tires - Trailer King ST Radial Trailer TireTrailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

  • Brand – Trailer King
  • Model – ST Radial
  • Item Weight – 28 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 28.3 x 28.3 x 8.8 inches
  • Item model number TKS53
  • Rim Diameter – 15 Inches
  • Speed Rating – L


Best-Rated Tire For Longevity

best travel trailer tires - Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer TireMaxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

  • Brand – Maxxis
  • Model – M8008 ST Radial
  • Item weight – 34.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 28.3 x 28.3 x 8.9 inches
  • Item model number – 46119
  • Rim Diameter – 15 Inches
  • Speed Rating – R
  • Special Features – Low Rolling Resistance


Best Tire For Tread Technology

best travel trailer tires - Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire

Carlisle Radial Trail

  • Brand – Carlisle
  • Model – Radial Trail
  • Item weight – 12.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 27.1 x 27.1 x 8.1 inches
  • Item model number 5151381
  • Rim Diameter 15 inches
  • Speed Rating – R
  • Special Features – Tread wear indicator


Most Popular Travel Trailer Tire

best travel trailer tires - Goodyear Marathon Radial TireGoodyear Marathon Radial

  • Brand – Goodyear
  • Model – Marathon Radial
  • Item weight – 28.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 29.3 x 28.3 x 8.9 inches
  • Item model number – 762173406
  • Rim Diameter – 15 inches
  • Speed Rating – R


Best Luxury Trailer Tire

best travel trailer tires - Kumho RADIAL 857Kumho Radial 857

  • Brand – Kumho
  • Model – Radial 857
  • Speed Rating – R
  • Special Features – Deep zig-zag grooves for increased mileage


Top Rated Travel Trailer Tires Based on Trailer Weight

Out of the tires listed above, here are the highest-rated options based on the weight of your specific trailer.

For Trailers Under 12,000 lbs

The two most highly rated tires for this category are the Goodyear Marathons and the Maxxis m8008 tires.

For Trailers Up to 14,000 lbs

Maxxis m8008 – try to increase a load range if possible.

For Trailers over 15,000 lbs

Trailers over 15,000 lbs. kick you outside of the ST tire range. For trailers over 15,000 lbs., we recommend the Goodyear G614 or Saliun S637.

Tips for Keeping Your Travel Trailer Tires in Optimal Shape

Remember: taking good care of your tires is just as important (if not more important) than the brand you choose to buy!

In this case, basic tire care principles apply:

  1. Proper inflation: make sure your tires are always properly inflated.
  2. Check them often: regularly look over your tires to make sure they’re in good condition.
  3. Avoid overheating rubber.
  4. Give them regular use – leaving your tires unused for long periods of time will not allow for the proper rubber chemicals to circulate to keep the tires flexible and to prevent dry rot.
  5. Avoid exceeding the listed speed rating for your tires.

If properly taken care of, most people can expect about 7-8 years of use for RV tires on average. Remember to keep the requirements of your RV or travel trailer in mind first when buying tires.

Another tip: make sure that the tire’s load rating is at least as high as the tire you are replacing.

Tires are like the shoes of your travel trailer: you want to make sure that they fit properly and are best suited for your trailer.

I hope this list of best travel trailer tires has been helpful, and that this article gave you some insight on what type of tires to purchase for your travel trailer or RV. Let us know if you have any questions. Safe travel guys!

Written by Margaret Robbins

How To Cook Amazing Food in Your Travel Trailer: 15 Tools and Tips

So you’ve got your new travel trailer. You’ve read all our free material and have found the RV or travel trailer that’s perfect for you.

In all likelihood, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new trailer. Maybe you’ll take a vacation with the family for a week in it. Maybe you’ll even go on the road for weeks or months at a time. Or perhaps you bought your trailer to use for weekend road trips. All of these are great ways to use your trailer.

But there’s one thing in common with any trailer lifestyle: you need to make food. Unless you plan on eating out all the time (aka, spending a TON of money on meals), you’re going to need to know how to cook food in your trailer.

If you’ve never done it before, the task can be overwhelming. What can you cook, and not cook, in a trailer? What appliances are available to you?

Not to worry, though: we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly what you need to cook amazing food on the road. We’ll also be giving you tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when cooking inside and outside your trailer. Ready? Let’s get started.

There are two main places you’ll be cooking on the road: inside your trailer and outside it.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

You’ll probably want to cook meals indoors and some outdoors. Let’s start by looking at the advantages of each.

Advantages of Cooking Indoors

  • It’s easy. You don’t have to set up a grill or anything – all your appliances are right there inside.
  • It’s accessible. All you have to do is get up and walk to the kitchen area.
  • It’s available no matter the weather. If it’s raining or the weather is bad outside, you probably won’t want to be out there cooking.
Outdoor Picnic

Photo Credit: Benson Kua on Flickr


Advantages of Cooking Outdoors

  • If it’s hot outside, you probably won’t want to heat up the inside of your trailer using the stove or oven.
  • Picnicking. It’s fun to cook a meal and eat outsider,  in fresh air.
  • Speaking of air, you can cook whatever you want outside, with no fear of smelling up your trailer. If you happen to burn anything, your trailer won’t end up with the smell.
  • Grilling. Enough said :).

Basically, cooking inside is convenient and quick, but one of the great things about RVing is being able to cook outside your trailer whenever you like. Some people even cook all of their meals outside.

Now let’s explore your tools for making food on the road. As we’ll see, you can make just about any food inside or outside your trailer.

Cooking Inside Your Travel Trailer

The Tools


Photo Credit: minnemom on Flickr

1. Your Trailer’s Built-in Stove

This is the center of your trailer’s kitchen area, and you’ll be able to do most of your cooking here. Cooking on the stove is pretty straightforward and similar to cooking on the stove at home. Trailer stoves are usually smaller, though.

You’ll probably want to pick up a few accessories to make your cooking easier. You’ll need a set of pots and pans, but you likely already have some at home that you can use. Getting a grill plate for your stove will allow you to make grilled foods inside if you can’t use a true grill outside.

2. Oven

If your trailer has an oven, by all means use it! If you use your oven at home a lot, you know that ovens are an amazing way to make great food in a relatively easy way. Many trailers don’t have an oven, but if yours does, take advantage of it.

3. Electric Cooktop

This is a neat accessory that will allow you to cook without heating up the stove or oven and using propane. It runs off an electrical outlet and allows you to cook with a pot or pan. The Nuwave is one that many RVers use and love – it uses induction to cook without getting hot.

slow cooker

4. Slow Cooker

I love slow cookers. They make cooking amazing meals easy. Find a good slow cooker recipe, throw the ingredients in at the beginning of the day, and at dinner time, you’ve got a hot meal waiting. This one is the best-selling slow cooker on Amazon.

5. Microwave

Okay, a microwave is not the best solution for your everyday cooking. However, it can be used to make many different things quickly, and it’s useful to have when you don’t feel like cooking a full meal. You may want to consider a smaller microwave to save valuable kitchen space.

Black and Decker

6. Accessories

We’ve found a few accessories for making cooking in your trailer a little bit easier:

  • Toaster – for toasting bagels and bread.
  • Toaster oven – a quick way to cook just about anything.
  • Food processor – if you’re the smoothie type, use this to make them fast and easy.
  • Coffee maker – drink coffee? You’ll want one of these in the kitchen of your trailer.

Tips for Cooking Inside

The main thing you’ll want to keep in mind when cooking inside is controlling the smells when cooking. If you’re using the stove to cook, make sure your stove’s ventilation system works well. If using another appliance to cook, you’ll want to open a few windows to let the air flow. Of course, if you find your stove’s ventilation to be unsatisfactory, you can just open windows.

However, depending on what you’re cooking, you may not want too much ventilation. Some people are known to enjoy the smell of bacon in their trailer!

Either way, before you hit the road, you should make sure you’re able to use the stove ventilation and open the windows to let odors out. Even if you plan on doing most of your cooking outside, there will likely be times when you need to make some food inside.

Speaking of cooking outside, we’ve only explored half of cooking on the road! Things get a lot more interesting (and fun) in this next part…

Cooking Outside Your Travel Trailer

Outdoor Cooking Appliances

Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE

Our Top Pick: Coleman Road Trip Grills

The Coleman Road Trip Grills are a great solution for all types of outdoor cooking. They have a large cooking surface (285 sq. in.). They’re easy to store and transport. They run off propane – you can hook them up to your trailer propane connect (here’s a tutorial) or with a propane can.

There are two different models: the Road Trip Grill LXE and the Road Trip Grill LXX. The LXE is a great value for its price. The LXX is the same grill, but with more cooking power and a built-in thermometer.

But here’s the best part: you can cook just about anything with them. You can use Coleman’s stove grate accessory to turn the grill into a stove. Coleman makes a cast iron griddle accessory too. These two accessories allow you to cook tons of different foods outdoors.

There are other options too. If you don’t do as much grilling, you may want a smaller grill with less power. This Weber Q1000 portable grill is loved by many campers. Weber is one of the best grill brands available.

Also an option is the Coleman Grill Stove. This has a stove burner and a grill. It’s a great option if you need an ultra-portable way to make food outdoors. It runs off propane as well.

Bonus: if you have an electric cooktop like the Nuwave mentioned above, that can be used outside as well.

Cooking Over A Campfire

I highly recommend getting a portable grill for cooking on the road, but sometimes you may have access to a campfire. In this case, you can easily make food with these two nifty tools.

Texsport Grill Plate

1. Texsport Camp Grill Plate

This grill plate makes cooking over a fire super easy. It has a 24×16 inch grill surface to hold a lot of food. If you have access to a fire, you can simply use this instead of using a portable grill. A lot of campers use this and it gets very high ratings on Amazon.

2. Coleman Tripod Grill

This is the same idea as the Texsport – just a grill plate to put over a fire. This one gets it done a little differently. It’s just a tripod with a grate hanging in the center. This one folds down for compact storage.

Also, you can put something like a skillet, pan, or dutch oven on top of either of these grill plates and use the fire to cook that way.

Tips for Cooking Outside

There’s not a lot to say here, as you don’t have to worry about smells and ventilation. Just make sure you’re a responsible camper and don’t leave anything behind!


As you can see, if you invest in a few basic cooking appliances, you can make just about anything in your trailer. Fortunately, it requires very little investment. Most trailers come with a stove, and many have an oven and microwave. That leaves you with a few options for additional appliances to make sure you can cook whatever you need with ease. For cooking inside, that could be an electric cooktop or a slow cooker.


If you plan on making a lot of your food outside, you’ll need an outdoor appliance. We highly recommend a portable grill that runs on propane. You can either hook it up to your trailer’s propane supply, or use cans of propane. There are a few different models and sizes to choose from. The Coleman Grill Stove offers both stove and grill burners. The Coleman Road Trip Grill is a grill that allows you to put a griddle or stove attachment accessory to make food like on a griddle or stove. Finally, if you do a lot of grilling, the Weber Q1000 is an excellent portable grill choice from a great grill company.

Cooking indoors and outdoors both have their advantages. Cooking inside is convenient, as you don’t have to step outside; but if the weather is nice, cooking and eating a meal outside is always fun. Once you’ve been on the road for a while, you’ll develop your own preferences and habits. Most people do a combination of both, but some cook mainly outdoors, and some mainly indoors. Make sure you do some of both at first so you can find what’s easiest and best for you.

After reading this article and looking at a few appliances and grills, you’re well on your way to travel trailer kitchen dominance. With a few basic tools, you can make anything you can make at home.

Here’s to cooking amazing food on the road!

10 Must-Have Travel Trailer Accessories

Whether you’ve been dying to hit the road for the first time, you’re a weekend warrior, or you travel all summer long, here are 10 must-have travel trailer accessories that you should consider. Having them along will make life on the open road a bit easier and provide added comfort. With the right accessories, you can have everyday conveniences, regardless of where you are.

Always Have the Technology That You’re Accustomed To

Technology is a daily part of life and allows everyone to do what they love, watch TV, go online and play games on any device. With these three valuable travel trailer accessories, you’ll always have technology at your side, whether you are on the coastline, deep in the Mojave Desert or on a Rocky Mountain summit.

1. Dish Tailgater Having the programming that you are used to, no matter where you are, is as simple as getting the Dish Tailgater with pay as you go service. With the small tailgater satellite and the dish receiver, you’ll have your dish programming with you, including your local channels. The pay as you go service allows you to turn it on and off according to your travel needs.

2. HughesNet Hughes Net is known for providing internet service to rural locations throughout the United States. In fact, they provide service to many households that otherwise would’ve been left with outdated dial up. Now Hughes Net has stepped it up a notch by providing portable internet with additional equipment designed to provide service from any location.

Solar Panel Kit

3. RV Solar Panel Kit Having an RV solar kit with you allows you to keep those devices charged, no matter where you find yourself. It’s true that parks are set up with power options; however, this shouldn’t automatically be assumed. After all, on occasion, parks are filled to capacity, requiring travel trailers to park in a lot without power. Also, if you have driven to the middle of nowhere to experience true nature, you probably won’t have much access to power. Having a solar kit will allow you to harness the power of the sun and keep those devices charged and usable.

Make Comfort a Part of Traveling While Off the Beaten Path

When traveling, you’re leaving the comfort of home behind; however, doing so doesn’t need to leave you without a decent level of comfort. There are many must-have travel trailer accessories that are designed specifically to provide added comfort. Having a few extras along with you will improve your relaxation at any destination, thereby allowing you to fully enjoy the travel trailer experience.

4. Gila Heat Control Window Film From the west coast to the east coast, you’ll come across several breathtaking locations that would be perfect, if only the heat would die down just slightly. By adding heat control window film to your windows, you can cut down the suns heat by up to 70%. This reduces the amount of time that you have to keep your overhead air conditioner running. This means that you can maintain a comfortable temperature indoors without having to hear a constant buzz from your air conditioner in the background. Installing the window film can be time consuming; however, it’s well worth it in the end.

5. Outdoor Fold Up Tables and Chairs Bringing along your own fold up table and chairs can dramatically improve your level of comfort. Sometimes you might find yourself in locations with picnic tables that have seen better days. Having your own allows you to enjoy an evening outside without having to deal with splinters and general dirt and grime.

6. One Acre Natural Mosquito Trap One drawback of visiting many places while traveling is the constant attack by those little blood suckers. The One Acre natural Mosquito Trap, entices mosquitoes, traps them, and then kills them, all without harmful chemicals. It does cost more than basic propane-run systems, but it’s also better for you and the entire environment.

Little Conveniences That Will Improve Your Camping Adventure

Whether you started in New York and ended in Texas or you left Seattle to discover the Grand Canyon, everyday convenience is something you have at home and something you should have while traveling. These must have travel trailer accessories will ensure that you’ll still enjoy conveniences while on the road. In fact, after giving them a whirl, you may wonder why you don’t use them at home too.

7. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Wether you’re a coffee lover or not, you still more than likely want the occasional cup of java. With the Aero Press, you get to have a bold, flavorful cup on demand in less than a minute. And as a bonus, it takes up minimal space, it’s made of heavy duty plastic, and it basically reduces the need to worry with a bulky coffee machine.

Hamilton Beach Portable Frozen Drink Maker

8. Hamilton Beach Portable Frozen Drink Maker Regardless of whether you’re sizzling from the heat or you just want a frozen Banana Daiquiri by the campfire, a portable frozen drink maker is the ticket to having what you need, wherever you want it. This must-have trailer accessory is battery operated, and can be bought on a small to large scale. 

9. NuWave Oven Though I’m not usually big on items that debuted as an infomercial, the NuWave Oven is definitely a must-have for any RV. Having one allows you to have delicious meals without having to waste propane in the Magic Chef oven, standard in most travel trailers. Additionally, you’ll have the benefit of less cooking time and less heat, thereby keeping your travel trailer cool and giving you time to do what’s really important, having fun.

10. Outdoor Serving Tray Considering that more often than not, dinners are made half inside and half outside, having an outdoor serving tray can be quite the convenience. Having one allows you to place food, condiments and added utensils on the tray, thereby reducing four or five trips into one or two. Additionally, cleaning will be a breeze.


Going away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxuries of home. These 10 awesome travel trailer accessories will ensure you’ll be connected and comfortable while on the road. With a little shopping and preparation, you can make your life in a traveling home a little more like home.