Teardrop Trailers: Review, Pros, and Cons

The teardrop trailer. It’s a category of its own. Can it even be called a travel trailer? I would say yes, because it’s a trailer with a bed and storage in it – a trailer that lets you travel.


If you are open to the idea of a very small, light trailer with little room other than a bed, you may want to consider one of these instead of a full-size or ultralight trailer. These teardrops have a lot of advantages, not the least of which is the minimal weight. Many are right around 1000 lbs. – capable of being towed by small vehicles. (Most heavy trailers require a large SUV or truck.) With just a bed and storage, these are an excellent option for those with a small car who want to travel light. You can go pretty much anywhere and have a nice bed to sleep in at night. You can also take a lot of your things with you, without having to pack your car full. It’s also much easier to find parking at this size.

Teardrop trailers can be perfect for one or two people who want to travel light without spending a boatload of money on an expensive trailer. Of course, they have their negatives too.

They don’t feature a lot of the amenities that normal trailers do – no bathroom, only one bed. Some have a small kitchen, but probably not what you could get in a full-size trailer. They aren’t roomy… no floor space, no furniture. But this could be a good thing: since it doesn’t have much, it’s super-lightweight, and you can take it anywhere, with pretty much any car.


So should you consider a teardrop trailer? It depends on who you are, your travel style, and what you want in a trailer. Are you someone who is constantly traveling? Do you want a complete home on the road? If you want luxury and convenience, a full-size trailer like a Dutchmen or a Jayco is probably better for you. However, if you’re the weekend-adventurer type, the lightweight traveler, or if you only own a small car, you may want to consider a teardrop trailer. They’re perfect if you don’t travel a lot or if you like to take quick road trips without taking everything with you. A few common brands are Little Guy and r-pod.

In summary, teardrop trailers offer a fresh, minimalist approach to the travel trailer. They don’t have a lot of luxuries, usually with simply a bed, storage, and perhaps a small kitchen or other accessory. This means they’re extremely lightweight and easy to tow, even with small cars. If you like to take short road trips and go on adventures where you don’t spend a lot of time in your trailer, a teardrop might be perfect for you. If you prefer the luxurious “home away from home” that a full-size travel trailer offers, you may want to opt for that. However, teardrop trailers are an excellent option for many travelers, depending on travel style.

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